Our Philosophy



While our philosophy may initially appear like some confusing corporate ‘tag line,’ in reality it is nothing of the sort.  Our strategy to increase our client’s Commercial Value, is to place an emphasis on creating internal procedures that will reduce their dependency on vendors.

But how can reducing our clients dependency on outside vendors, increase our client’s bottom line profits you might ask?

Good question!  Stay with me here.

The correlation between reducing a company’s dependency on vendors and achieving immediate increases in the same company’s profits is well documented at Hultar.

But we take our Core Philosophy 1 step further.

We have discovered that this philosophy is also highly desired by our staff.  We train our staff Internet marketing skills so they can stop being dependant on a company for their pay check.  Hultar employees enjoy being taught how to “fly on their own.”

This concept is thought to be way ahead of it’s time!

How do I know?  How can I make such a claim?


Just look around and see if you can find even 1 other company whose total focus is centered around building it’s clients and it’s staff to be self-sufficient.  Can you find another company who embodies this philosophy?

I didn’t think so.

To be a “Self-Sufficient” business or business-person?  What does this really mean?

The Largest Solar Powered Yacht In The World:  The designer of this 1 of a kind yacht is Craig Loomes from New Zealand.  Each photo on this page represents Hultar’s idea of “reducing dependency.”  While Craig (the yacht designer) was able to design a yacht that is not dependant on any gasoline, we have our own “reduction goal.”  Our philosophy here at Hultar Inc is also to “reduce dependency,” but not on gasoline but on business vendors.  We are working to reduce a businesses or business person’s dependency on anything other than themselves.

Well it can mean many things.  But here at Hultar Inc., it means “more options.”  It means gaining dominance in the market place in your chosen field.

The idea of focusing on reducing a client or individual’s dependencies started out as nothing more than a “hope” while I worked at my previous company.  There was no prior road map to follow.  There was nobody to copy.  And yet, this “hope” of mine became a celebrated discovery in a very short time period.

Fast Forward to today, and I personally spend over 3 hours daily, aggressively refining our training systems since starting Hultar.  I firmly believe that “superior performance” is dependant on superior training.  And this leads me to another belief of mine.

“Maintain The Right To Be Selective”

At Hultar we believe in being “choosy.”  We are very careful with who we select as clients.  We turn away approximately 80% of companies who make proposals to partner with Hultar.  And we plan to steadily increase that number!

Again, this business modal is the complete opposite of what most people would expect a company to strive for.  But, at this point in Hultar’s early lifespan, we absolutely must choose companies that are well funded, ethical, and fun!

Those 3 criteria above are mandatory.

Hultar looks for fast paced companies that specialize in these categories:

Entertainment and Celebrity Blogs

Gadget and Technology Blogs

Venture Capital Blogs

Save Our Environment Blogs

Our client list is quickly expanding, and we are currently targeting 3 high profile blogs who all receive over a million visits per month to their sites.

“Work Only With Great Team Members”

At Hultar, we are even more careful in who we choose to bring aboard as team members.  We seek out quality people, and dedicate great amounts of time to providing excellent training.

Currently, Hultar team members have happily helped refine our “dependency reduction” philosophy.  It’s our goal and passion that Hultar will soon be among the top 1% of all online companies in both employee pay and training!

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