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My name is John Hultar and I founded Hultar Inc.,  with 3 talented partners in March 2012.

My fellow partners, Craig, Jen, Paulette and I, recognized a large void in the market place that wasn’t being met for online support for small business owners.  We came upon this discovery while working at our previous employer, Hewlett Packard.  That’s where this story really begins!

The 4 of us met when we worked at the Hewlett Packard Headquarters here in Palo Alto, California, in a newly established beta division.

The purpose of the beta division was to provide both telephone and online support to Hewlett Packard customers in an effort to increase brand loyalty.  The support would be offered free to all customers who had made a purchase within the last year.

The upper management appointed me to oversee this division.  I was thrilled!

Things went really well from the day the beta division began.  So well, that colleagues of mine in other divisions of Hewlett Packard began requesting that they be transferred to my division.  The new beta division was a Big Hit!

Soon, because of the divisions popularity, a new issue surfaced.  Staff began competing for positions.  In a very real sense, …demand for positions in the new beta division exceeded supply.

To solve this new internal challenge, we incorporated a rotation system that allowed all interested staff members to experience the division.  This decision instantly improved moral.

Within 6 months I was given permission to institute a new training and qualification regimen to each and every staff member who applied to work in the division.

Next, to encourage team member’s to share their ideas, I started an employee feedback program.  And feedback came in.

It seemed that many of the staff felt that a greater emphasis in their training should be placed on developing “personal self-sufficiency.”  My colleagues wanted to be taught how to “fly on their own.”  They wanted to be taught business skills on how to be less dependant on a company for a their pay check.

It was this feedback from colleagues that ultimately gave birth to Hultar Inc.

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