Posted by John Hultar on Apr 10, 2013

Best Smartphones of 2013 Reviewed


If you knew me personally, you’d know that I’m a Smart Phone Fanatic. I regularly test out the latest and greatest phones at the rate a grade 10 female consumes gossip. I currently have contracts with T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon so that I can test out the latest advancements in smartphones across the operating system and manufacturer spectrum. I jump around between several phones, but the ones that are with me for more than six months are the ones I personally find most compelling. So, without any further ado, here are my top 3 smartphones to start 2013.

Samsung Galaxy Note II


The Galaxy Note II has it all. The hardware on the Note makes it the smoothest Android experience by far. You will find that the amazing software provided by Samsung increases the Note II experience. Some new features in the Note II include multi window support (use Facebook and SMS at the same time), enjoy enhanced pen apps with the S pen, as well as a very fun/ easy to use camera software.This device has an outstanding battery life span. I can account for 30 hours of moderate to high usage (4-6 hours of screen time.) By the end of this time I noticed 10-15% left. For me, this is more than enough battery life and I am pleasantly impressed while taking into consideration the thinness and sensible weight.

However there is one issue that I have with the Note II. The sound from the 3.5mm headphone jack, is not nearly as sharp and defined as the Galaxy S III. I compared them both side by side. I checked other places online and people seem to agree; most blame it on the possible use of a weaker DAC chip (Digital to Analog Converter).

Taking the time to discover and explore the features will make your entire experience much more meaningful with this device. There’s a ton packed in there, so be patient. Samsung earns a lot of credit to be brave enough to make a gadget that numerous individuals put down and completely discouraged. I’m happy they took this risk.

You can discover the Galaxy Note II on each of the four major US wireless providers and it is unquestionably a remarkable piece of technology. It’s currently available from to $199.99 (AT&T) to $369.99.

Iphone 5


I must say that even to this day, the iPhone continues its reign as my favourite device. This iPhone5 actually may be the greatest smart phone I have ever bought.

There’s a very unsophisticated way of describing the shape/ size of the Apple iPhone 5: thinner, lighter and somewhat longer than the previous iPhone 4S.

First off, Apple has shaved 1.4mm of the thickness. This however, does not affect the quality of the screenplay. Extra resolution is useful, now we can fit five rows of icons on the home screen, as opposed to the four that we could fit on the iPhone4s.

iOS 6 offers numerous upgrades. Although it might not have some of the newest innovations for example wireless charging, it does such a large number of things right that it has to be considered the top smart phone used today.

The iPhone 5 is available on all carriers except T-Mobile. It (or another model iPhone) should also be available on T-Mobile later this year. Prices can vary between $199 for the 16GB or $399 for the 64GB on contract, with a premium of $450 additional cost if you buy it without a contract.


As HTC’s new heavy hitting smartphone, the HTC One is filled to the brim with high level components and the latest processing technology out there.

The hardware of the HTC One is amazing and if my judgement came down to only the hardware alone then the One would be at the top of my list.

The metal body on this device looks and feels incredible to hold. HTC’s HQ LCD displays have led the industry since last year and now they include and outstanding 1080p 4.7 inch Super LCD 3 to the HTC One.

I can confirm that the One’s display has amazing impact with beautiful colors, various display angles and great brightness. Details also appear very crisp which makes me wonder how it stands next to the Galaxy S4.

As well has having grade A hardware, HTC’s brand new feature includes Sense 5 which creates an amazing user experience.

They also have included a slim camera capture feature named Zoe. A Zoe is a short video that can then be used to create highlight videos with images.

Are you thinking about an HTC One for yourself? These phones have just been shipped to the US, in March and will be scooped up by T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. The 32GB and 64GB editions will cost $199.99 and $299.99, respectively.

What’s your current favorite smartphones? What smartphone do you see coming out soon that has your interest? I am looking forward to see what Samsung has with the next Galaxy, but it is going to be pretty hard to get the Iphone 5 from my hands. I plan to spend more time with the HTC One and Galaxy Note II over the next month or two as well.