Posted by John Hultar on Apr 15, 2013

FairSearch vs. Google – The battle Continues…


Google’s role of dominance in the mobile market is upsetting their fragile competitors once again!

Just this month, (April) Microsoft plus a small multitude of companies have all filed a law suit against Google with the European Commission.

“FairSearch” is the name given to this power-hungry group of 17 companies which include Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle. These companies claim Google is being unfair by giving away their operating system on a condition that their own software applications like Youtube and Google maps are installed and excellently positioned onto the mobile devices.

Each year more and more people become hip to the idea of turning to a mobile device in order to access information. Many are predicting that by the year 2015 mobile devices will have the ability to gather more information than traditional desktop computers.

Android devices are the most popular on the market. Androids account for 73% of smartphones being bought. Because of Google’s increasing popularity in the market, the FairSearch team claim that Google is operating some what of a “trojan horse” campaign.

There’s more..

This is just one of the problems that Google is currently facing. They are also in the spotlight due to their privacy policy. Google’s privacy policy merges 60 separate sets of rules into one. This is done allegedly to enable Google to be able to keep better track and service their users.

Yep, we’ve heard that one before!

Just last week 8 European data protection agencies including Brittan threatened legal action if Google didn’t change their privacy policy.

Google Inc. did not address the complaint’s charges in detail. “We continue to work cooperatively with the European Commission,” said Al Verney, Google spokesman.

Google very well may be one of the most powerful companies on the planet.  Fine.  But, it seems like they’re going to have to pull up their socks in order to keep our trust, and not to forget the trust of the governments around the world, who are becoming more and more curious to the methods of this billion dollar empire.