Posted by John Hultar on Mar 2, 2013

Russian Hackers Make Millions

Not many are better at making a profit from hacking than those in Russia. According to cyber security based in Moscow, the global market share in Russian cyber crime is about $12.5 billion.

The Russians are breaking into your smart phones and computers, and making millions in profit from doing so.

This year, Facebook exposed the identity of the hacking team Koobface.  This team consisted of five members, all of which were Russian.  The CEO of software security in Kaspersky Lab, which is also based in Moscow, stated that the Koobface team became millionaires due to their hacking skills.

“Cyber crime in Russia costs the worldwide economy billions every year.  Granted the Russian legislature has taken some extremely positive steps, we suspect it ought to take additional steps by conforming law enforcement practices, establishing correct worldwide cooperation and ultimately improving the number of solved computer crimes.”

The word “hacking” can cause anger when used around computer geeks.  Not all hacking is considered unlawful and unethical.  However a lot of it is and the hackers in Russia are the best in the world at making profit from this.

The famous Koobface hacking team consists of the following Russian fraudsters.

Roman P. Koturbach (PoMuc)

Anton Korotchenko (KrotReal)

Alexander Koltyshev (Floppy)

Svyatoslav Polichuck (PsycoMan)

Stanislav Avdeyko (aka leDed).

Vladislav Khorokhorin is another famous Russian hacker.  He is known for distributing the data of many bank card users worldwide. Vladislav has been pulling this off for more than 8 years.

Vladislav was arrested at an airport in France, while he was waiting for a plane to Moscow, in the summer of 2010.  He was brought up on charges of theft and aggravated fraud.  It was said that if found guilty, he can face up to 12 years in prison.  Also, each charge comes with a fine of up to $250,000. Currently, he is being held in France.  American authorities are doing everything they can for his extradition to the U.S.

The FBI arrested Oleg (The King of Spam) Nikolayenko, in Vegas in November of 2011.  He was arrested for the violation the CAN-SPAM Act, an anti-spam law in the US.  On the heels of Nikolayenko’s arrest was the arrests of two American spammers, Lance Atkinson and Jody Smith , who gave the FBI agents information regarding Nikolayenko’s criminal activities one of which include selling illegal drugs.

Yevgeniy Anikin, yet another hacker from Russia, is currently serving a prison term of 5 years.  At 28, he is worth around $9.7 million thanks to his skills at funneling Royal Bank of Scotland accounts into his own private account.