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We are proud to offer a wide range of services which are supported by our growing team of both “Virtual and In-house” programmers and marketing consultants.

In short, if you’ve arrived at our site because you were referred to us for either High Level Programming, or world class marketing consulting, rest easy, as we have you covered.

Regarding your Programming needs:

Our team is versatile and can assist in building online games, smart phone apps, social planning apps, lifestyle apps and even minor personal apps. Our team is efficient with Objective C, C/C++, PHP,, theme design and much more.

Currently, we are in the process of bringing aboard 3 new, talented Virtual PHP coders to meet the increased demand of some of our best clients. The fun never stops around here!

Regarding your Marketing Consulting needs:

We continue to offer specialized online marketing consulting for our long term clients. However, we have made a company-wide decision that we will no longer be taking on new ‘consulting’ clients as our love for developing new products has proven to be the biggest seller here at Hultar.

Please take a moment to view some of our favorite areas of software creation below.


Custom Apps: (Applications)

Custom Applications



If you can think up an App, we can bring it to life.  Whether you need a fast and easy App solution or a more comprehensive Enterprise Level App solution, you can count on Hultar for all your mobile Apps.

Today’s apps are gaining worldwide acceptance at an alarming rate by people 18 and up. With new technologies being released every day, this massive interest will continue to skyrocket.

Hultar Inc. helps clients with mobile strategic application development. We gather loads of information on your apps goals and provide recommendations and assistance based on years of experience. Whether your objective is to provide fun games and entertainment, or you simply want to create an app that enhances the value of your product or service, we provide endless possibilities.

When it comes to development platforms, we provide a wide variety of options suitable for any idea you may have, such as offering innovative web or iOS and Android applications.

Hultar Inc specializes in designing totally unique and customizable Apps. We regularly create both mobile apps and web based applications. Along with our strong tech knowledge, cross-platform expertise, and grounded development methods, we can take your requests, and build world class flawless Apps.

Our application maintenance care and services are created to guarantee stabilized and undisturbed creation of your system. The services include issue reports, application enhancement and quality resolutions.


Gamification (The Gaming Industry)




The video game industry is now valued at over $100 Billion worldwide, so it’s no surprise that businesses are using gamification to try to their boost sales.

The idea is that by adding gaming elements to a company’s sales process, such as small challenges and rewards, you can increase customer loyalty and advocacy.

As in every game or competition, the participants have to be motivated by a worthwhile reward. This is the underlying objective of the business owner. And it is also why gamification is such a hot topic for 2013.

This is where we come into play.

Our focus when creating games is to bring out feelings of involvement amongst customers, while subtly embedding the select company’s game into the customer’s thoughts.

The amount of clients that we have asking us about our gamification service is mind boggling to say the least. Often we have over 10 projects running concurrently, all relating to implementing gaming services and contests.

While we handle all of our projects with delicacy, you can believe we also have fun in making sure that all contests and gaming features are fun for the players as well.

After all, games are meant to be fun! It only makes sense that we enjoy the creation process right?

Are you interested in joining the new era of gamification, leading to an increase in sales and customer loyalty? Send us a request; we will make absolutely certain that your games will work out great for your business as well as your customers.


iPhone Application Development

iPhone Apps



As you know, the iPhone is considered to be the bestselling smartphone out there and has held that position for quite some time. If you’ve ever used an iPhone you know exactly how just one great app can make the difference between an “excellent experience” and an “average experience.” iPhone users Love their apps! Some users claim to have over 50 different Apps installed, everything from gaming to mobile banking applications.

Here at Hultar, we understand the importance of a user’s experience with an App. We have delivered some excellent viral apps that we are very proud of. Our goal is to assist you in creating the next big thing.

It all starts here.

Once you’ve come up with an idea for an app, send us a request. We’ll help out building the infrastructure and ultimately take over the development process.


Android Application Development

Mobile communications and social networking concept



With the stunning amount of Android phones being sold today, you can see why we take pride in our ability to develop quality droid apps. No matter how complex your idea may be or how far along in the creation process you are in, bring your project to us at Hultar. We will help you create a powerful app that you can brag about.

Our Android professionals are incredibly knowledgeable and highly experienced. We can help you design and execute an app that is solid and consistently efficient with the Android user interface.

Along with providing quality apps, we can also develop Android games! We are responsible for over 23 popular android games that droid users are consistently using today. As you can imagine our clients are incredibly satisfied with our work and always come back for more.

Your Android apps will benefit from droid’s open development environment, and from the open Android Market. There are more Android phones deployed in the US today than the iPhone, so you’ll be able to reach a broader audience.


Mobile Web

Mobile Web



Mobile websites are solutions that can work seamlessly on either iPhone or Android devices without any additional costs. Many websites today still…do “not” have a mobile version of their site. But let us take a look at the guys who do, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Fandango and Nike. Notice anything? The big dogs understand the importance of a mobile site.

Think about how many people will hear about your website and then instantly look it up on their mobile device. What do you think they’ll do when they see that you haven’t even made your site accessible for them? Close your site down right away and never ever come back.

It’s not a pretty thing – but it doesn’t have to be that way! We can help!

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to engage with your audience at the exact time they visit your site. Just because a potential customer of yours isn’t sitting in front of their PC, doesn’t mean your web site can take a short nap!

Here at Hultar, our coders will make sure that your solution includes 100% consistency in design and functionality. Our team includes highly experienced top notch web designers that will provide you with a fully operational, fast, effective mobile website. Our team will assist you in combining your website with your database and include CSS/HTML /PERL/SQL technology in your mobile website.