Posted by John Hultar on Apr 2, 2013

Virtual Company Admired by Millions


Considering the lightning speed that brick and mortar companies are going “Totally Virtual,” you would think more people would have caught on by now.  It’s True.  Virtual companies seem to be popping up everywhere.  Kids in their 20′s are becoming millionaires without even leaving their home to make a buck!In fact,, the world’s leading information technology research corporation has suggested that even virtual employees are seeing higher pay-rates in comparison to the standard “office jobs.”

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  First, let’s all get on the same page.  What the heck is a “Virtual Company?”

I’m glad you asked. defines a “Virtual Company” as company that uses  electronic means to transact business as opposed to a traditional brick and mortar business.

Ok, that’s seems simple right?  Good.  But now you want some examples.  Again, I’m glad you asked.  Let’s focus on popular company that an estimated 18% of the world’s web sites use it’s design platform.  Can you guess who this company is?

Ok, you’ve had enough time.!  Totally Virtual, totally profitable and totally cool.  And, it’s worth mentioning that our site,, and every site we have built in the last 12 months, has been built on the WordPress platform.

Oh, and yes, the founder of, Matt Mullenweg is a 29 year old multi-millionaire. (the print magazine) puts Matt’s net worth at around 43 million.  Wow!  Not bad for a simple guy running a business without so much as an office.

But let’s discuss the where the real opportunities are…and that’s working for a Virtual Online company.  Some call these companies business modal a “distributed workforce.”  Yep, you’re gonna hear those words a lot – for the rest of your life.

The world is quickly moving time ahead.  Office jobs are no longer holding the prestige they once did.

As the world’s population evolves, so does our acceptance of better, smarter, faster business modals.  But for many people, they still appear to be stuck in the 1990′s.  They want to follow grandma’s career advice.  After all, grandma wouldn’t steer us wrong – would she?

Well, let’s just say this:  We love our grandma’s, but we also realize grandma didn’t grow up in the Internet age.  Thus, let’s just stick to the facts.

And the facts are this:  Brick and mortar companies are quickly becoming dinosaurs.  They simply can not compete or attract the best and brightest people any more.  To make matters worse, most are usually over staffed, and they are reported to be lowering wages for employees to levels that would match a company operating in 1985.


But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Don’t pretend nobody shared these little secrets with you.  And for goodness sakes, keep your mind open when you seek out the best career opportunities for yourself.  Peace!